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2018 M4 5-PW, AW Iron Set With Steel Shaft

2018 M4 5-PW, AW Iron Set With Steel Shaft

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2018 M4 5-PW, AW Iron Set With Steel Shaft


With our new RIBCOR technology, the M4 unlocks a new level of consistency and accuracy in a product designed to be the longest in our irons lineup. Combined with our thinnest face (1.5mm), our ultra-thin leading edge, and our thin-walled Speed Pocket, M4 iron produces golf shots that are not only long, but incredibly straight.



  • RIBCOR localizes face flexibility in the hitting area, transferring more energy to the ball to increase distance and accuracy
  • RIBCOR stiffens the perimeter of the head creating a more rigid structure, enhancing sound and feel
  • RIBCOR mitigates toe flexibility for tighter dispersion



  • Optimized heel and toe weighting provides a significant increase in MOI vs. M2 '17, resulting in more forgiveness
  • Ultra-thin leading edge works in conjunction with the Speed Pocket to increase speed on low-face shots



  • Fluted Hosel and 360º undercut allows for redistribution of mass low in the head to increase launch distance, and consistency